In a Different Light by Peter Gordon

‘In a Different Light’ is a series of images that tries to find the unusual in commonly viewed scenes. The project is set in Glendalough National Park, Ireland during very unsociable hours. Peter started to artificially light commonly viewed scenes in the middle of the night as way to present the national park and landscape in a new and refreshing way.

It is a response to Peter’s expereince of seeing an iconic part of the Irish landscpe photographed again and again. The images are a means to engage people in the beauty of this wonderful area in a new way, with new eyes, in a different light. Stay tuned for developments with the project.

Dublin Salt by Peter Gordon

Peter has been watching the light unfold in Dublin Bay all his life. Dublin has it’s landmarks for landscape photography. Reference points which as Dubliner’s we have such strong association to. Poolbeg, a distant sugar loaf from Dollymount, Howth Head. Peter has decided to make 2016 a year to photograph more Dublin.

Contained within this gallery are the beginnings of a body of work that will eventually make an exhibition and book. The goal is to create the most comprehensively striking collection of images of Dublin seascapes ever made.

Iceland by Peter Gordon

There’s just no question Iceland has a unique and amazing landscape. From lunar black desert, ice beaches to blazing northern lights. It truly is a unique place to make landscape pictures. The collection of work within this gallery was created over 2 special weeks travelling along the south coats in 2015. We have been back in 2016 so watch this space for updates.

USA by Ed and Peter Gordon

Our USA gallery is mostly the work of Ed Gordon. Ed has captured some truly unique scenes over his many journeys in the 1990’s and early noughties. You can see Ed’s unique style from Yellowstone to Colorado. Most of this work has been captured on 35mm and medium format transparency film. Enjoy and as always work is available as fine art prints.

Wild Garden – by Peter Gordon

Wild Garden is a collection of Irish landscape photography created by Peter Gordon in Ireland’s County Wicklow. Using traditional film cameras Peter spent five years trying to create a collection of images that does justice to the mood and atmosphere of this beautiful part of Ireland. The work takes the viewer through a range of moods, sometimes uplifting, sometimes melancholic, simply reflecting the atmosphere of the landscape and the light that describes its beauty at a given moment. Sometimes sleeping out in -14 the creation of the image always took precedence.Wild Garden was exhibited and published as a hardbound book in 2011. Books can be purchased through our books page.

Atlantic Fringe – by Ed and Peter Gordon

Atlantic fringe is a collection of landscape photography from the west of Ireland focusing on the counties that border the Atlantic from Donegal in the north to Cork in the south. The work focuses on the wild parts of these counties. We have sought out desolate bogs and wild seascapes. Our goal is to create photographic art that captures the drama and emotion of the west rather than simply being a collection of postcard pictures. In nature, like life, we have ups and downs. Sometimes the landscape looks sad and eerie while other times it can feel uplifting and euphoric. Our goal is to focus on the mood of the Irish landscape as we find it and present an original visual interpretation of these beautiful locations. This project is ongoing..

Life and Death – The Temple by Peter Gordon

Over a week in late summer 2011 Peter made a collection of photographs at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. A central feature of the festival is the building and burning of a temple. These Burning Man photos are a document of a week at the Temple that share the narrative behind its construct, its being and its ultimate destruction.

India by Ed Gordon

Back in 2006 Ed Gordon made a series of visits deep into India’s urban landscape. He was trying to capture its many faces and it’s vast array of interesting characters. This collection of work contains some of Ed’s favourites from his journey. As always this work is available as fine art prints through the gallery.

Montenegro by Ed and Peter Gordon

Every year we make a landscape photography pilgrimage to Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. It’s a rarely beaten track and this just makes it all the more special for us. It’s packed with glacial lakes, towering mountains and huge gorges. Here’s some of our favourites available as fine art prints.

Scotland by Ed and Peter Gordon

We have travelled far and wide in the highlands of Scotland to create this series of fine art prints. We just cant get enough of that pounding rain, howling winds and generally unsettled weather. It must be the celtic connection that keeps us coming back for more. Here’s our Highland’s favourites.