Our Weekly Round Up of Fine Art Photography Posts.

Misty Trees image

Enchanted Forrest Limited Edition Print.

Here’s a look at what fine art photography and landscape workshop info we posted this week across different social media platforms along with a misty enchanted forrest image shot in Wicklow to go with the spirit of Halloween!

Mexican free-tailed bats fleeing a bat-cave preserve.

Click here to view some interesting info on bats from the National Geographic http://goo.gl/8XraQS


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Click here to view our twitter updates this week including ExploreLight Burning images from Burning Man 2014 http://goo.gl/8MhDI3


Click here to follow what fine art photography was posted on our Google+ page this week http://goo.gl/4KnPAE

If you would like to book a place on our upcoming Wicklow workshop, go to … http://goo.gl/0iBHlc

Happy Halloween everyone!

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