Interview with Photographer Peter Gordon on Adorama TV.

Hi all, hope you had a great week and are gearing up for a wonderful weekend ahead.

Here’s another interview by Ruth Medjber with Irish travel and landscape photographer Peter Gordon on AdoramaTV 

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Peter has been off shooting in Iceland this month with his father and fellow ExploreLight travel photographer Ed Gordon.

In this interview for “Out of the Darkroom” on Adorama TV, Peter talks to Ruth about his work ranging from choosing and planning his landscape locations, to his Burning Man conceptual project and how he creates his masterful photos including what materials he uses and lighting conditions etc..

He also gives some of his secret tips on how he captures his magnificent images!

Thanks to Ruth and Adorama TV for the coverage.. We’ll be back with more images from ExploreLight’s Icelandic trip next week, have a great Friday!





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