I Love Trees

I just love shooting trees in my landscape photography.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. You always get a different feel to the forest.

Throughout my career I have visited many amazing places & trees have always had a special place in my photography. I guess my love affair started in Wicklow and the publication of my first book Wild Garden.

 Trees are magical and mysterious. Sometimes lonely, sometimes dramatic, sometimes haunting. Always beautiful.They tell stories. They hold histories.

 Welcome to ExploreLight’s world of trees.

I love shooting tree's in winter. you can see the full shape and design. Captured in the Wicklow mountains..

Tree's tree's wonderful tree's. Keep it simple in the Sally Gap..

Peter-Gordon-1 copy

Super simplicity in north west Donegal..Irish Landscape Image of the Year 2013

Walking on Air Floating on a beautifully relfected lake deep in the Scottish Highlands..

PG No3 copy

And now step outside and find one to shoot, to hug or just admire.

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