ExploreLight Photographer Peter Gordon is Interviewed by Ruth Medbjer.

Peter Gordon: Shooting Burning Man

In this interview, Ruth Medjber from LensVid talks to ExploreLight’s landscape and travel photographer Peter Gordon on his work, the origins of his career and interest in photography and his Burning Man project.

Ruth points out that when looking at Gordon’s images the one thing that pops into our heads is location, location, location. “Gordon seems to be able to find some pretty amazing locations, but like any good photographer he also knows how to get the most out of the location.”

Ruth asked Peter Gordon about whether he had any tips for budding landscape photographers .. Gordon advised ‘Get up early enough in the morning to find the best lighting conditions and be patient enough to do this over and over.”_DSC1961resize
This image is a glimpse of a project that Peter Gordon is currently shooting  at night. The collection of which will be exhibited later this year in the Copper House Gallery in Dublin.

To watch the LensVid interview with ExploreLight’s photographer Peter Gordon, click on this link … http://goo.gl/jJFP9M

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