Dublin Salt Hits Gdansk!

I’m just back from Gdansk after a truly inspirational and insightful press proofing of Dublin Salt. If you’re not sure what press proofing is, the process involves watching the sheets of the book come off the press and making sure the colours are produced as I intended. I have to say special thanks in this regard to the Read That Image team. Kasia, Vinny and Maciej. Kasia and Vinny have done an amazing job on the book design and sequencing, while Maciej’s involvement in the proofing and design has been invaluable.

The trip really was inspirational and comforting in equal measure. Inspirational in that physically seeing the book come together is just so exciting. Comforting in knowing the lengths the whole team went to, to get this project right.

We went through every aspect of the standard and special edition. From cover colours, to materials, to laminates, ribbon colours, end papers, slip papers, emboss sizes and fonts. Is your head spinning yet? Lets just say there’s a lot to consider and I’m happy to report everyone I met on this trip, from Read That Image to the actual printers, were willing to go out of their way to consider everything. Inspirational and comforting in equal measure.

Besides proofing colour and making sure the internal pages were 100% a few important changes to the book came about through this trip as well. The cover of the standard edition will now have a soft touch laminate for example and we have some other surprises and changes that we hope you will love.

The days were long and demanding (especially when you factor in the cultural requirement to sample some good vodka at night) but so worth it. I’m coming home more excited than ever to show you Dublin Salt and hoping you will be as inspired as I am.

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