We Still Love Slide Film..

Neither myself nor Dad really shoot slide film anymore but we both still love it. It’s a little bit like enjoying the distinct sound of vinyl. Yes, it has is deficiencies. It’s become inconvenient, over priced and difficult to master. But I have to say it still looks great. It has a look of its own, a type of saturation and colour range that just looks different to digital. Its high contrast and it works great in the shade. I’m planning to make a return someday and actually have a specific project in mind that Id love to photograph on large format film. For now though I thought it would be nice to share some of our favourite images that have been captured on slide film..Hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment.. long exposure connemara sunset photograph connemara012Earths AxisEG copy_ yellowstone national park landscape photography glendalough sunrise photographox bow bend landscape photography

Landscape Photography Ireland – Location Guide – Lough Tay Wicklow

landscape lough tay sunrise County Wicklow boasts some of the finest landscape photography opportunities Ireland has to offer. Furthermore if your living or visiting Dublin its only a stones throw away. Now I might like to put the foot down while behind the wheel on occasion, but I can get from Booterstown in South Dublin to the viewpoint for the shot below at Lough Tay (including walking) in 35 minutes. Not bad from a city departure. sunrise- Lough Tay_-027jpg I like late August early September sunrise when there’s some heather around for the foreground of this photograph. If you get a purple sky they complement each other quite nicely. Lough Tay is an all year affair though for landscape photography. Great greens in spring and summer, and the foot of Luggala (the mountain that hugs the lakes edge) goes nice and red in Autumn. It’s paradise for landscape photography. Getting to this viewpoint is quite easy. Heading up the r759 from the r755 you will see the sign for Ballinastoe woods on your right and a small lane with parking. Drive past this and there’s another open area to park on your right a hundred metres by. Park here and walk up through the semi clearing in the trees veering left until you encounter the wooden path. You will start to see the lake on your left quite quickly. Just set up along this path and start shooting. Get there 30 minutes before sunrise to allow yourself 5 minutes to walk to the viewpoint and time to set up and shoot the pre dawn light. Tripod will be a must. I suggest ISO 100 at f11 and let the shutter speed fall where it may. You will need a graduated neutral density filter to hold the sky or else a series of exposures for post-production blending. Enjoy and don’t forget, if you don’t succeed at first try, try, try again!!!

Some Photograph’s from the IPPA Award’s Ceremony

A few photograph's below form the Irish Professional Photography Awards last week mostly with IPPA President Gareth Byrne. Thanks to Gareth and everyone else involved in the awards program at the IPPA especially Mick Quinn and Robert Allen. The lads have done a really great job on the IPPA program. Thanks to John Ohle for taking the photo's.. 0147-2 0194-2 0190-2

IPPA Irish Landscape Photography Portfolio of the Year Award

The series of images from my last post won the Travel and Pictorial portfolio prize as well as the overall Photographer of the Year award. However there was additional joy. I managed to also win Irish Landscape Photography Portfolio of the Year as well as Best Single Landscape Image. The first shot in this series which was captured in Dunlewy in Donegal on a very still morning won the Best Single Image. Delighted with the result with such stiff competition in the landscape photography category. 020_PEG7559-2_ 042in copy_ sunrise-durmitor-montenegro-mist-030 PEG_1033

Peter Wins IPPA Irish Professional Photographer of the Year 2013

An amazing thing happened last Thursday at the annual awards ceremony for the IPPA. I managed to win IPPA Photographer of the Year 2013 as well as a host of other awards including Best Landscape Portfolio, Best Landscape Single Image, Best Travel and Pictorial Portfolio and Best Travel and Pictorial Single Image. The IPPA represents the highest standards of professional photography so winning such an array of awards plus the overall top prize was an amazing honour. Check out the winning overall portfolio below. More information to come in due course.. Our Kickstarter Campaign is now Live master_PEG0460 1a 3a _PEG2001-3

‘The One That Got Away’ – Landscape Photography Ireland

This image was made on a perfectly still morning in Glendalough's Upper Lake while teaching a photography workshop. The lake had sat down beautifully and the reflections were really showing up. Ideal conditions for landscape photography. PEG_1020-2 The upper lake at sunrise is always an amazing place to visit and one I frequent regularly when teaching photo courses. It’s also a place I visited up to 50 times when I was shooting the Wild Garden project. This image was made with a digital camera and also after I had finished Wild Garden (which was shot on slide film). While I like the image it doesn’t fit into any of our current projects past or present and as such doesn’t take a place in the gallery proper. It’s a case of, love you but leave you ..but we’ll at least find you a new home in our blog..

Inside the Art – An Irish Man’s Diary

Natures Blanket – Glenmacnass, Wicklow, Ireland

It’s the very first post in the series so I thought I better start with a photograph that’s gone over well before. An image made in some of the finest landscape Ireland has to offer – Wicklow National Park - shot on 67 transparency from the Wild Garden Project. Irish art at 6 am. heather-sunrise-glenmacnass=026 But there’s more. The art of landscape photography in Ireland or anywhere for that matter, is at its best during those short periods of time when colour is in full bloom. I find intensity of colour for heather to be at its best for photography in Wicklow at the end of August. I had wandered this stretch of river numerous times looking for some great foreground shape to compliment the intensity of the heather colour. After some searching I came across this little stretch that spilt in the centre bringing the eye beautifully through the scene. I knew that first light would hit the distant mountains so now all I needed was the perfect conditions. Checklist for Sunrise late August 2009 I had: -       good foreground interest with dynamic colour and shape -       a previsualised idea with desirable outcome for completed Irish art -       motivation and desire to get up at silly o clock to get the job done I needed: -       sidelight at sunrise -       a balance of clouds and light -       no wind so the heather in the foreground would stay still during a long sunrise exposure at ISO 50 The weather forecast wasn’t looking good during my optimum time frame. I visited the location 3 times in 2009 but just didn’t get the right light for the shot. The colour faded to Autumn and no shot materialised. Checklist for Sunrise late August 2010 I had: -       good foreground interest with dynamic colour and shape -       a previsualised idea with desirable outcome for completed Irish art -       motivation and desire to get up at silly o clock to get the job done On my second visit in 2010 everything just came together. The sidelight was perfect, the clouds were present, the wind sat down and the colour was intense. I just let the velvia do the rest. Sometimes we just turn up and everything comes together at once. Where landscape photography is concerned its more likely that you need to turn up lots of times to get the desired result. So if you have a shot in mind don’t give up after the first attempt. Trek through the bog at ridiculous hours of the day on numerous occasions. You never know it might just be worth it!! Technical Specs:   Pentax 67, Velvia 50, f16 at 4 seconds, 3 stop hard graduated neutral density filter

A Photography Blog That Gives You More

The photography blog on our old site was, shall we say, dormant, possibly extinct, defunct, idle, just write something will ya..you get the idea. New site, new ideas, new ways of sharing our photography, our insights, our stories and our thoughts. We’ve changed the way we display our photography online. Prior to the build of our new site we had a gallery page with tonne’s of images in various galleries but we didn’t feel the method of organision reflected our current direction. The way we work is much more focused than before and as such, so is the manner in which we display our work. Only the strongest shall prevail. Only our best photography, the photographs that we love the most and the work that furthers the goal of the particular project will be displayed in the project galleries proper. We will periodically post images from this area, in our blog, in a series entitled ‘The One that Got Away’ We also have lots of great odds and ends, beautiful images that haven’t made it into the project gallery proper for various reasons. We want to start to share those images with you here on our blog. But more than this, we want to tell you about the thought processes behind the making of these images, the pluses and minus as we seem them, the reasons they haven’t made the grade. Do you like taking landscape photographs in Ireland? Keep an eye out as we reveal our favourite locations for taking pictures in Ireland. But there’s more. We also plan to share technical and creative articles that will help you improve your photography. There may even be some philosophical musings all things photography and art. We will be keeping travel journals when and as they happen. All in all our new blog will become a place where photographers and art lovers a like will find something of interest. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Our New Website

Its been a while coming but we’re delighted to have a new online home to share our photography with you. Big thanks to Ronan and Peter over at me&him&you for doing a great job on the design and build of the new site. There’s been some changes that we hope will present our photography in a better light and most importantly create a better user experience for you guys. First and foremost we have changed the imagery within the site, and how we display it online. We felt that there was too many photographs on the old site and our processes for image making became so focused on a project based approach it just made sense to organize ourselves online in this manner. We have four existing projects online at the moment and new images will be added to these as they arise. Completed projects will of course remain the same. Never fear though we will be using our blog much more regularly than before and we will be sharing lots of images that haven’t quite made the projects area plus lots of new photography as its made. Check out the next blog post for more info. webpage Our new site is built in HTML which I am happy to report is a language Google understands. This and some great bspoking by meandhimandyou means the site will now function like a real human being on iphone, ipad etc. pheeew.. As tablet sales seemed to skyrocket this Christmas so did my apprehension about our old site and our clients experience. Our info page now incorporates some news clippings plus radio and TV interviews so you can learn a little but more about us. If you missed any of our media coverage just pop over to the info page to have a look, read and listen. Our photography workshops and tours page has also had an over haul so pop by and check out the new design and the new range of workshops and courses coming up in 2013. You can now also pre order our upcoming Burning Man book as well as purchasing Wild Garden directly from the site. Just visit our books page for more info. All in all were delighted with the new site. We hope you enjoy it too. Browse the galleries..like and share the images..and hopefully enjoy the photography.. Peter and Ed